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Dunk Tank



About the Course

This Classic Dunk Tank is an essential piece to any school carnival, company picnic, or birthday party. Nobody wants nothing more than to submerge their manager, teacher, parents or friends in a 4’ deep tank of 500 gallons of water. Oh such sweet revenge but in a FUN way! Each participants gets 3 chances with our throwing balls, included in the rental. The actual size of the dunk tank is 4’ x4’ x 8’ but requires a 6’ x 20’ set up to allow a good throwing area. The weight capacity is 250 lbs for the person on the hot seat and must be a minimum of 4’ tall.  A safety step is built into the tank to help with getting back on the seat after being dunked. An easy re latch system makes it easy to reset for the next round. It holds approximately 500 gallons of water and depending on your water pressure takes about 1 to 2 hours to fill, so be sure to include this when selecting your start time. Be sure to double check the dunk tank dimensions for your setup area and the dunk tank weight limit for your VIP's We are your dunk tank guys!

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